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GIA Micro School

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Gangnam-gu, Hakdong-ro 11 gil 5

Seoul, Korea   06044

GIA Faculty Pledge

1. We consider the safety of students first and foremost in all in-campus and outdoor activities.

2. We set school rules which can promote a happy environment and a healthy self-image for every student.

3. We design school discipline policies that not only serve as misbehavior corrections, but also leads to long-term habitual change of students.

4. We aim for continuous development of the individualized learning systems believing that the success of the students' true academic achievement is to maximize their God-given talents and originality.

5. We prioritize the research and development efforts to cultivate students’ innovative thinking through the school curricula and activities.


6. We assist students to directly experience real-life economic activities and learn insights into the mechanisms of the economy and future industries.


7. We prepare all school lessons and activities with a student-centered perspective bearing in mind that the core of school education is not a teacher or an administrator, but a student.

8. We constantly self-inspect our own faith status and seek to maintain exemplary Christian life-styles for effective faith education.


9. We teach students to discern the true joy of charitable minds which greatly surpasses the mere satisfaction of self-display.

10. We educate students on the essential needs and importance of spreading the Gospel and constantly seek and explore opportunities for both domestic and international missionary activities where students can directly participate.

Fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom,

and the knowledge of the Holy One is insight. 

Proverbs 9:10