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GIA Micro School

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Tel: 02-546-5300

Email: jacoblim@giamicro.com


Gangnam-gu, Hakdong-ro 11 gil 5

Seoul, Korea   06044

Missions & Obejectives

1. Individualized Education - GIA provides an opportunity for every student to develop and achieve academic excellence in a safe and individually-managed learning environment.


2. Self-directed Education - GIA provides education systems for every student to develop proactive and independent learning skills that one will be able to utilize throughout their lifetime

3. Faith-based Education - GIA provides learning models for desirable attitudes and characters of those who live as God's people in this world and to raise a true leader who leads many people with exemplary faith.


      GIA Micro School operates on the three main philosophies:

1. Philanthropy - Cultivate philanthropists by teaching it is better to give rather than to receive.

2. Entrepreneurship – Cultivate pioneers by teaching it is better to innovate rather than to renovate.

3. Discipleship – Cultivate God-appointed missionaries by teaching it is better to spread the Gospel than to possess it.

Fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom,

and the knowledge of the Holy One is insight. 

Proverbs 9:10